Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wait! There's one more booklist!

Well, discussions of book lists are sweeping evangelicaldom, and, like almost every other craze that hits it, it is being taken too far (and is this post just making the problem worse? Well, probably so). Christianity Today started it, with its list of the "50 Books that Influenced Evangelicals." Then came the lists of "50 Books that Should Have Influenced Evangelicals." Then the "50 books that You Should Leave on the Shelf."

Now evangelical publishing has come in for a lot of criticism for its trendiness and insipidity--almost all of it well deserved. But there's no better criticism than ridicule, and so you have to appreciate the folks over at Purgatorio, who have constructed the greatest evangelical booklist of them all: 50 Potential Christian Bestsellers.

Here are a few of my favorites:
  • I’m Totally Depraved, You’re Totally Depraved
  • 40 or so Days more-or-less of Purpose
  • Steal This Book- Then Repent, Bring it Back, and Confess
  • Pretty Good People in the Hands of an Ambivalent God
  • Y3K - Countdown to Armageddon
  • Raptured By Mistake - Book I of the “I Should Have Been Left Behind” series
  • For Men and Women Only - A Straightforward Guide to Stuff You Already Know
  • I Kissed Bundling Goodbye
  • Noing God: Tales from the Bible on How to Refuse God and Live to Tell About it
  • What on Earth Am I Here For and Why On Earth Do I Keep Asking Myself these Questions?
  • The Openness of God: How 5 Theologians Go to Heaven only to find it ‘Closed for the Season’
  • Reimagining Jesus Until I Like What I See
  • Capitulating: Unveiling the Mystery of Keeping Your Wife from Getting Mad at You When You Want to Run Around and Do “Wild at Heart” Kind of Guy Stuff
You gotta love it.

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SPorcupine said...

"Purple like Barney" hits especially hard. The genre and the "dinosaur" both make me shudder.