Friday, November 10, 2006

Some bloggers need a license

Over at the Pharyngula blog, atheist P. Z. Meyers is in a dogmatic mood. In fact, we are not aware he is ever in any other kind of mood. Lately he has been on a tirade about raising standards for home schools. His most recent post advocates that parents without a teaching license be barred from homeschooling their children.

Has he checked to see what happens to children who are taught by people with teachers licenses recently?

He is apparently unaware of the large and growing disparity between how home schooled students perform on standardized tests and how public school students perform on the same tests. This is inexcusable.

Maybe blogs should only be operated by people with a license.


Aaron Kinney said...

Home school students are much more likely to believe in ID and not evolution. This will be devestating to the science score portion of the STANDARDIZED tests. And PZ Myers is a science advocate.

When I had him on my radio show, he was very friendly. I think the only thing that makes him angry are people who think that incredibly complex entities must, by necessity, be created by an even more complex, yet uncreated, supreme being.

Martin Cothran said...


You say this WILL be devastating, using the future tense. Christian schools have been teaching creation in science classes for decades, so the current scores already reflect this. So can we look at the current scores and see if there is a problem? And if the science scores on standardized tests of students in private Christian schools are as high or higher than those of public schools, does that address your concern?