Saturday, January 26, 2008

First they Came for Piglet: Mark Steyn on a peculiar form of English coddling of Muslims

The inimitable Mark Steyn on the increasingly disturbing tendency of Europeans (in this case the English) to culturally immolate themselves.


-Sepp said...

The British are finnished and are allowing themselves to be culturally wiped out in the name of diversity. And a prime example of what happens when immigrants refuse to assimilate.

One Brow said...

I'm not sure what's sillier, the decision of the British goverment or the pretense that this herals some sort of downfall of the government.

Hannah said...

Onebrow, you haven't studied Islam much, have you? If you have, I'm very surprised at your comment.

One Brow said...

hannah j, I fully repsect your right to be surprised.

Frankly, considering the Chistianity has a 600-year head start on Islam, a fair comparison is the Islam of today to the Christianity of 1400. Islam is more divided, more garrulous among themselves, and probably closer to an Enlightenment among some groups than Christians in the 1400s.

Still, feel free to educate me on what you think I'm missing.