Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is home schooling legal in California, or isn't it?

More on the California home school decision from Mere Orthodoxy, indicating that the situation may not be as simple as those who think I made the issue too simple think it is.


Anonymous said...

Where is vere loqui located?


Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal

Wednesday, Mar 05, 2008 - 11:11 PM Updated: 12:40 PM

By Kellie Wilson

Kentucky Representative Tim Couch filed a bill this week to make anonymous posting online illegal.

The bill would require anyone who contributes to a website to register their real name, address and e-mail address with that site.

Their full name would be used anytime a comment is posted.

If the bill becomes law, the website operator would have to pay if someone was allowed to post anonymously on their site. The fine would be five-hundred dollars for a first offense and one-thousand dollars for each offense after that.

Representative Couch says he filed the bill in hopes of cutting down on online bullying. He says that has especially been a problem in his Eastern Kentucky district.

Action News 36 asked people what they thought about the bill.

Some said they felt it was a violation of First Amendment rights. Others say it is a good tool toward eliminating online harassment.

Represntative Couch says enforcing this bill if it became law would be a challenge.


Martin Cothran said...


Yes, I was going to post on this, but you beat me to it.

As much as I dislike rude comments on my blog from anonymous posters, I think we can all handle this all by ourselves without the government dictating to us how we have to do it.

Among other things, I am a lobbyist, and I happen to know that that bill isn't going anywhere.

One Brow said...

Getting back to the original post, I think California should find a balance between ensuring the children are properly educated and the parents preferences, and the ISP programs seemed very reasonable (although I would prefer that the supervising body was a public school).