Monday, January 12, 2009

Jake realizes his mistake--several months too late, and after we told him so

At the risk of provoking Jake to another threat a tergo, I notice he responded to Jefferson Poole who blogged my recent post about my repeated, but unheeded, advice to Jake about how not to read a leadership race, which Jake got completely wrong, claiming that Jody Richards easily had the votes to beat Greg Stumbo, when, in fact (and as I said) Stumbo had the votes to beat Richards.

Jake responds:
Oooh, yeah, politicking for a favored candidate means I’m the devil and should be run out of town.
Uh, no. Politicking for your favorite candidate has nothing to do with it. I believe getting the facts right was the issue.
Furthering anything related to hatemonger Martin Cothran puts Jefferson Poole in the same boat. Nice. May be prudent for a few homophobes to bother checking with me to see who lied to me and others about who they were supporting.
So Jake thinks the problem is that people lied to him. Excuse me, but isn't that EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD HIM AT THE TIME? Sure 'nuff. Not only did we check with you Jake, we told you exactly what the game was. Maybe you should listen to us "homophobes" every now and then. Might keep you out of trouble next time.

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Jefferson said...

Martin - you're just being too logical. Way too logical. You need to use more false premises, non sequiturs, etc. in order to make sense.