Monday, April 26, 2010

Heil Jake! The Tolerance Police on the Move Again

Jake at Page One Kentucky is once again marching at the head of the goose-stepping Tolerance Police, and his group of Brown Shorts is now heading for the campaign office of Renee True whose crime seems to be that she supports traditional marriage.

According to Jake, True once made a contribution to the campaign for the Marriage Amendment in 2004--and amendment which garnered more yes votes in Kentucky than any other amendment had votes for AND against.

But Jake isn't taking this standing up. He's laying down in front of True's electoral parade and protesting. Support for traditional marriage, according to Jake, disqualifies her from the office of PVA.

And what is so controversial about a political candidate supporting the most popular ballot initiative in Kentucky history?

Renee’s such a gay-hater she not only supported the anti-gay marriage amendment, she contributed financially to Kent Ostrander’s mess.

If she feels that strongly about an issue – that she financially supported writing discrimination into the constitution – what on earth makes anybody think she’s not going to discriminate or do something equally ignorant as an elected official?

All the Marriage Amendment did was to define marriage the way everyone has always defined it--up until recently when some, like Jake, wanted to change the definition: as between a man and a woman.

Folks, this is what we're in for from the gay rights extremists like Jake: if you believe in marriage as it has traditionally been defined, then you should be disqualified from holding public office.

Now it's interesting that there is nothing in the amendment that says anything about whether gays can hold office or do whatever they want. Yet Jake himself is for preventing anyone with a traditional view of marriage from public office.

Heil Jake!

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Anonymous said...

Only a biggot and anti-semite would use nazi-like language when talking about a Jew. Congrats on scraping the bottom of the barrel. Are you taking on the blacks next?