Thursday, May 20, 2010

White liberal Democrats vs. Rand Paul

The White liberal establishment is all in an uproar about a remark Rand Paul made several weeks ago about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Paul believes private businesses should be able to discriminate against minorities on the grounds that they are private businesses and have the right to do stupid things.

"In a free society," he says, "we will tolerate boorish people who have abhorrent behavior."

Of course, this is exactly what you would expect him to say. He's a libertarian. That's what libertarians think. Did they not know this? Go and look up the word in a dictionary, people.

But Rand Paul isn't the only one whose philosophy militates against the Civil Rights Act. Remember, these same White liberals who are giving pious sermons about Rand Paul are the ones who, on a regular basis, warn us about the evil of "imposing your morality" on other people through the law.

If you're against "imposing morality" through the law, then how can you be for Civil Rights laws? Don't they impose morality through the law?

The philosophy of White liberal Democrats pits them against civil rights laws. Thank God they're inconsistent.

In any case, it's much better to be a White liberal Democrat who, instead of discriminating against Blacks, uses them as a vehicle to get yourself elected by, among other things, gerrymandering districts to prevent Blacks from having a majority and to ensure that White liberal Democrats get elected.

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KyCobb said...


When they talk about "legislating morality", they are talking about behavior which doesn't violate anyone elses rights. If gays get married, that doesn't effect your marriage. Paul wants to allow private businesses to violate the rights of racial minorities. Big difference.