Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reflections on American Idol possibly going off the air

Well, according to some reports, the show "American Idol" may be coming to an end. This is unfortunate, since I have never seen the show that so many people talk about, and I was looking forward to continuing to be a non-viewer for years to come. So it comes as a hard blow to know that I now will be unable to continue to refrain from watching this great pop cultural spectacle.

But at least I can continue to be a non-viewer of other television shows of similar importance, such as "Dancing with the Stars," "CSI," and (probably my favorite show not to watch) "Desperate Housewives."

In fact, it is probably a good thing that "American Idol" may be going off the air, since it reduces the number of shows I don't watch, giving me more time not to watch others.

So many programs not worth watching, so little time not to watch them ...


apudewa said...

Really love this logic! Made me reflect on how successful I have been in not watching so many movies as well. But the real power is in realizing how many books I have managed to not read. So many bad books, so little time to not read, or even to not find out they exist. What a wonderful idea.

Edgewise.Sigma said...

Actually, Sir, IMSHO, I think "America's Got Talent" (of which Simon Cowell is a producer, incidentally) is a much cooler show.

There it's not just singing, but just about anything and everything. (Hence the word "Talent.")

Yeah, yeah, too much TV these days is a sewer; an old complaint, to be sure, and I myself recall concluding as much as far away as 20 years ago. But if and your family is ever in a non-serious mood, "AGT" is not [entirely] such a bad time-waster. I doubt it'll be going off the air anytime soon.

Lee said...

I have to admit, I like the early episodes of the season when they are looking for talent and finding mainly untalent. It's a bit mean of me, but I've performed at hundreds of weddings and thus have sat through more than my share of bad singing. There's just something very satisfying about having a bad singer told he is bad.

The set of singers who think they are good is much larger than the set of singers who are good. If all singers had a Simon Cowell in their lives, it could save the world a lot of pain.