Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five things to expect when the Pope visits England

I suppose it is too much to ask that the cultural barbarians now at the gates mind their manners. I guess it would sort of defeat the purpose of being a cultural barbarian. And just in case you were wondering what the purpose of cultural barbarism is, I'll just pause to point out that it is to bring down Western civilization by opposing anything that might contribute to preserving it.

One of these things, of course, is Christianity, and the primary species of Christianity is Catholicism.

Here is Philip Lawler on five things to expect when the Pope visits England.

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KyCobb said...


If a non-christian organization had facilitated and covered up the systemic sexual abuse of children for decades on a global scale, you would consider it the epitome of evil. But because it was the Church, I'm supposed to believe it contributes to the preservation of Western Civilization?

Martin Cothran said...


"Systematic"? That implies coordination and organization. Do you have proof that the heinous abuse of children by priests was coordinated and organized? You ought to present that if you know it.

The incidence of child sex abuse by priests has been poorly handled by diocesan and archdiocesan officials. Most of these officials are liberal bishops and archbishops who failed to uphold the standards of the church in many areas as well and should never have been put in those positions.

Higher ups in the church are responsible for this.

My problem is with the people who give Benedict a hard time about this when he is the one who has take the drivers seat in trying to clean up the mess.

KyCobb said...


If you really want to know, I suggest you start with the 2,600 page report prepared by Ireland's Commission into Child Abuse on the "endemic" rape and sexual molestation in Ireland's Catholic run industrial schools and orphanages over the course of six decades. Trying to blame liberals for these crimes and absolving Ratzinger is laughable when he participated in the cover-up of child abuse as the head of the Inquisition.