Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Even the foxes are chickens now: Hal Rogers still vying for Appropriation post

The fox is still scheduled to take over the hen house, arguing that he has truly sworn off chickens.

Earmark King Hal Rogers seems to be looking like the favorite to take over the House Appropriations Committee now that anti-Earmark Republicans have taken control of Congress. Rogers claims to have gotten religion on federal earmarks after years of bringing home millions in federal money to the fifth district of Kentucky.

According to Politico, Rogers is "promising reform and to keep in place the earmark moratorium." In a word, no more chickens for this fox.

The fox's conversion to a poultry-free diet came immediately following the election of a chicken majority. In fact, Rogers conversion to the Earmark cause came as soon as he realized that the Republicans were headed for the majority and his seniority put him in line to head the very committee that doles out the federal dough.

In fact, he beat the ever crafty McConnell in joining the anti-earmark cause. We're all chickens now.

Politico is saying that the infighting to get the House's most lucrative post is getting ugly. Seems that despite all the pledges to swear off chickens, there is something in the Congressional coop that they all want.

But it's not chickens. Honest.

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