Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where is Jack Conway when you need him to interfere in the free market outside of Louisville?

Gas prices in Louisville have been consistently lower, by about 20 cents, than surrounding areas. Where are the investigations! Wake up, Attorney General Jack Conway! I mean, when gas prices were higher in Jefferson County lat year, Jack's office launched an investigation, and filed an injunction against Marathon Oil.  Of course, it was dismissed by a judge because Jack didn't meet the burden of proof he needed to interfere with the free market (just like when his predecessor, Greg Stumbo did the very same thing for the very same reason--political popularity). But now it is 20 cents higher in counties surrounding Jefferson.

Why no investigations when gas prices are 20 cents higher than Jefferson County in other counties? Isn't this unfair to consumers in other counties? Why does Jack only try to interfere with the free market when the price for a commodity is high in Louisville?

Get on the stick, Jack!

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