Thursday, December 08, 2011

My plan for improving Jefferson County Public Schools

The mostly lily white Jefferson County School Board, having been slapped down by courts for their forced busing plans to impose racial quotas in their schools, is now spending more valuable time and resources trying cook up a plan to put kids on buses for long periods of time so that, while it will take valuable time away from things like, you know, studying, they can feel all diverse and tolerant and socially conscious.

I don't know though, there are a lot of white faces on that board. Can't they bus in some people of color so that they could at little more diverse so that when they preach diversity to other people they could actually be diverse themselves?

In any case, I am now releasing my plane for Jefferson County Public Schools that I think might solve some of their problems--like the problem of schools that are really bad. You can see it to the right. It has the advantage of a) being cheaper than having an entire bureaucracy trying to devise a Byzantine busing plan that does nothing but waste people's time, and b) it would actually improve things by (and this will sound revolutionary and might possibly not make any sense to JCPS) actually improving learning.

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