Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Triumph of the Will: First they came for the bathrooms ...

The slowly heating cultural water is approaching a boil and still the frogs haven't noticed.

Here's Time Magazine on the new frontier in gay rights:
What do you call it when a person enters a bathroom but the sign outside doesn’t match the sex listed on his or her birth certificate? Disorderly conduct, according to a bill offered earlier this month by Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh. But the measure sparked outrage in the LGBT community, which saw discrimination against transgender citizens. Kavanagh responded with a revamped, more limited version, which protects businesses that bar such practices from civil or criminal liability. After a contentious seven-hour hearing on Wednesday dominated by opposition to the proposal, a House panel voted along party lines to approve it.
Apparently the next step in the gay rights agenda is letting people decide what sex they are, regardless of what it actually is. This is the logical outcome of the exotic idea that has been propounded by "scholars" in "gender studies" that sex and gender are not the same thing.

But it doesn't stop at bathrooms:
A Democrat-backed California proposal would allow students to take part in sex-segregated school programs based on their gender identity, irrespective of the sex on their records. So, a student born male but who identifies as female could play on the girls’ tennis team and use the girls’ locker room.
Coming soon to a school near you: Deciding what race you are regardless of what it actually is.

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