Monday, April 29, 2013

NEWSFLASH: Religion causes violence

In interviews promoting their new movie "The Unbelievers," scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss assert that religious faith causes violence.

This made me think of all the violent things that religion has invented, such as the rack, the pillory, the strappado, waterboarding, the machine gun, grenades, mortors, bazookas, napalm, cluster bombs, torpedoes, carpet bombing, nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, drones ...

Oh, shoot. Hang on ... Whoops. Sorry. These things were all the products of science.



Ema Nymton said...


"... religious faith causes violence."

God is not the problem. God's fan clubs are the problem.

Ema Nymton

Martin Cothran said...

I actually agree with that.

Lee said...

Some of them.

david said...

Let's not forget, of course, about the 20th century and its long line of anti-religious zealots and the violence they perpetrated (more people died at the hand of the anti-religious in the 20th century than an other time in world history).