Friday, June 20, 2014

The Eclipse of Everything (and how to avoid it)

I have a new article in Russell Moore's new journal Canon and Culture. Here is an excerpt:
The German philosopher Martin Heidegger once said that we live in the “age of the world picture.” One of the things he meant was that the way we think about things has now become an external object of contemplation rather than being simply the way we actually think about things. We now not only think a certain way, we think about the fact that we think a certain way, and so we want to talk about it.
This is why we Christians write books and have conferences about “worldviews.” Whereas once we had a worldview, we now want to talk about the fact that we have one—and presumably that some other people have a different one. Who are the people who we expect to read these books and come to these conferences? If they are people who already think the way we think they should, then why do they need to come? And if they are people who do not already think this way, then why would they want to come. 
What did we know before we knew we had a “worldview”? How did we think when we didn’t know how we thought?
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