Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Gays "politically powerless," says judge in succumbing to political pressure from gay rights groups

The Family Foundation just sent this out:

LEXINGTON, KY--"After charging that arguments in favor of traditional marriage were 'not those of serious people', Judge Heyburn goes on to argue that gays are 'politically powerless'," said a spokeman for The Family Foundation. The group helped pass the Marriage Amendment struck down today in Heyburn's decision, Love v. Beshear.

"If you want an example of how bad the reasoning is in today's decision striking down Kentucky's Marriage Protection Amendment," said Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst for the group, "just look at the judge's argument declaring gays a 'quasi-suspect class' for purposes of laws relating to discrimination. It's not pretty."

Says the judge: "[T]he Court finds that homosexual persons are 'politically powerless' within the constitutional meaning of this phrase."

"We're thinking this judge needs to get out a little more," said Cothran. "Or maybe he could just subscribe to a newspaper or possibly turn on the television, where he could see just how politically powerless are the people whose political power helped produce this decision."



KyCobb said...


Federal Judges have lifetime appointments, so Judge Heyburn has no reason to fear political pressure. He simply recognized that recent Supreme Court holdings, especially Windsor, have made the legal arguments against same-sex marriage untenable, as has almost every other judge to issue an opinion on same-sex marriage since Windsor was decided. Regardless of their political affiliations or whether they were appointed by a Bush, Clinton or Obama, both federal and state judges have almost unanimously ruled the same way, even in deep red states where the LGBT community has virtually no power at all. Heck, in Kentucky they can't even get the Governor to stop appealing Heyburn's decisions, which has deeply frustrated them when Republican Governors like Corbett and Christie threw in the towel.

KyCobb said...

Just for yucks, I thought I would mention that yet another Catholic Arhbishop and anti-gay activist turns out to be a closeted homosexual. I find it pretty ironic that the anti-gay rights movement is dominated by gays.