Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Journalists brave hail of earplugs in Ferguson

Courageous journalists on the front lines of Ferguson brave hail of earplugs to get their story, says Michelle Malkin:
The J.V.'s have been hailed for their "courage" on the "front lines" -- like veritable 21st-century versions of Audie Murphy and Ernie Pyle! Of course, Audie Murphy and Ernie Pyle would know real bullets when they saw them. But Reilly revealed his abject cluelessness this week when he hysterically tweeted a photo of what he thought were "rubber bullets." They turned out to be high-capacity... ear plugs.
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Singring said...

Some journalists have been arrested without credible charges and quite aggressively so. Two others were threatened by police they would be shot if they did not turn of their camera light. Another was told the media would be maced if they passed the police line.

Sounds like a lot more courageous than the snotty police apologetics you are practicing from behind your computer in Kentucky suburbia.

Anonymous said...

I blame global warming. In the meantime, President Obama is playing golf , again. At least Nero produced some fiddle music.