Saturday, September 06, 2014

Christian group "derecognized" by California State Universities

Like the ruling pigs in George Orwell's Animal Farm, the Tolerance Police post their social commandments which all of a sudden get rewritten when no one is looking.

Just in case you were wondering how "fairness" works under the new Diversity regime, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has been officially "derecognized" by California State University schools. This while other groups get recognized:
... now, what we once called “equal access” has taken another hit—people of faith do not have equal access to the university community, like the environmentalist club, the LGBT organization, or the chess club.
Intervarsity's crime is that, being an on-campus Christian group, it actually believes the stuff. If you do that, you can start to count on not getting the same treatment as other groups who spout the Approved Opinions. When encountering such groups, the people who preach about equality and fairness until they are blue in the face will to a complete 180 when dealing with groups they disagree with and all of a sudden the mask comes off.

Fairness turns into ostracism, equality turns into favoritism. Let us once again repeat the Tolerance Police slogan:


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KyCobb said...

Completely wrong. The club is being denied taxpayer funding for banning gay students from membership. If they did that, they can still freely espouse their anti-gay bigotry at taxpayer expense. It would also give them the opportunity to proselytize the homosexuals who choose to join. Seems like a win-win to me; its hard to win new souls for Christ if you refuse to talk to them.