Thursday, October 16, 2014

Since when does it take a subpoena to get a copy of a pastor's sermon?

Not content to merely wag their crooked fingers at innocent people who don't buy in to their brand of "tolerance," the Politically Correct schoolmarms running Houston city government have issued subpoenas demanding copies of sermons from local churches who oppose an unpopular gay rights ordinance.

I'm trying to ponder the extent of the utter silliness of this absurd move.

For one thing, in doing it, Houston municipal government automatically makes itself the poster child for Orwellian left-wing intolerance. Not to mention hypocrisy. The lengths to which the champions of Tolerance and Diversity will go to impose their views on other people continues to amaze me--as does the bullying performed by the very people who are always talking about how bad bullying is.

What's next? Red and black armbands for city officials? Free lessons in goose-stepping?

But the truly funny thing here is why city officials thought they needed subpoenas to obtain the sermons of the city's pastors.

I can't think of a pastor I have met whose day you wouldn't make by asking him for a copy of his sermons. These are people many of whom have a complex about the fact that people don't pay enough attention to what they have to say. These are people who spend money, sometimes out of their own pockets, to get their sermons aired on the local radio or television station.

They're trying to reach as many people and they can and the Houston Diversity Enforcement officials issue subpoenas? Seriously.

Which is probably why one Houston pastor said, when asked whether he would comply with a subpoena, "I'll be glad to send them my sermons as long as they promise to read them."


Anonymous said...

Carrie Nation was a Progressive.

Anonymous said...

An overreach by the Gaystapo, wouldn't you agree KyCobb?

Singring said...

The subpoena was issued by defense lawyers in response to conservatives suing the city. They are part of discovery into whether these pastors acted illegally when gathering signatures to overturn a city ordinance.

But obviously this kind of detail somehow was lost on Martin somewhere between him thinking of the best Nazi analogy he could come up with and congratulating himself for his stellar reporting.

KyCobb said...


Not sure where the Right got the notion that a subpoena is some sort of attack or punishment. Its just a discovery tool. From what I read, its over broad, but attorneys in civil cases typically make over broad discovery requests to try to prevent the respondent from interpreting it too narrowly.