Friday, December 05, 2014

The "Gender" Follies

As gender ideology invents more and more sexuality fictions, we are all supposed to nod our heads and uncritically accept the newest "sexual identity." Here's Crisis Magazine, bringing some sense to the nonsense:
The sexual buccaneers inform us that “gender” is assigned at birth, usually by the doctor who delivers the baby, and that the doctor often gets it wrong. Gender is something chosen by the person and the choosing can be amazingly fluid, constantly changing, changing even between lunch and late afternoon tea time. 
... Gender Reality holds that human beings are ‘always or for the most part’ women or men, female or male. Gender Ideology holds that human beings fall along a continuum of 3, 5, or even 15 different loose groups of genders. Gender Reality is rooted philosophically in a descriptive metaphysics (Aristotelian and Thomistic grounded) and Gender Ideology is philosophically rooted in a revisionary metaphysics (Neo Platonist or Cartesian founded). Finally, Gender Reality depends upon a hylomorphic (soul/body composite unity) understanding of a human person, woman or man; Gender Ideology leads to a deconstructionist approach to the human person as a loose collection of qualities, attributes, or parts.
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Old Rebel said...

This is just part of the Cultural Marxist war on human nature. We're supposed to believe that humans are blank slates with no authentic identity - each precious little snowflake determines his identity.

So sex doesn't exist, and race doesn't exist. That leaves nothing but homo economicus as an untethered individual, and as a collective (with a powerful central government watching over all).

Art said...


I read this a rather a revealing expose of the folly of philosophy as a form of reasoning. Can't argue with that.

You never know what Martin will post here.

Martin Cothran said...

Right. I mean, after all, manufacturing new genders on an almost weekly basis is perfectly rational in Art's world.

Old Rebel said...

RAMZPAUL perfectly demolished this nonsense when he announced in a video that he'd decided he was a woman trapped in a man's body. People should pity him, he said, because that woman was a lesbian.

So he managed to claim the holy title of "victim" while still being able to date women. Sheer genius.

Art said...

Let's fix Martin's comment:

.. manufacturing new genders on an almost weekly basis is perfectly rational for philosophers.

As I was saying ...

Old Rebel said...


On a similar note, check out this piece at The Courts Invent Homosexual Marriage.