Friday, November 06, 2015

Jake's World: KY Democrats too right-wing

I love Jake (seriously). Here is his analysis of Tuesday's election:

This is how Kentucky voted, like it or not. It’s not some liberal utopia. The Commonwealth is where a majority of Democrats admit to voting on the basis of race. The state where Democrats made the 2004 anti-gay marriage amendment a reality. Kentucky is where Jack Conway ran as teabagger-light twice and got his ass handed to him by actual teabaggers both times.

My theory is that he also wrote the script for Greg Stumbo's election night speech. They are equally delusional.

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Anonymous said...

I am getting a little old and hard of hearing so I had "captioning" turned on the TV as I listened to this (speech ?). The captioning spelled what Stumbo was saying as pairabels, or something like that. The ignorance of scripture made for an almost surreal experience.