Monday, February 08, 2016

My predictions on tomorrow's New Hampshire Republican presidential primary

First Place: Donald Trump, but he won't get over 30 percent, and he might get less. This will be views as a mediocre performance
Second Place: Ted Cruz. His data-driven campaign, which is beyond compare, will have him exceeding his place in the polls all campaign season.
Third Place: John Kasitch. He's had a good last few days and he has the only positive commercials in the last days of the campaign, making him stand out from the other candidates.
Fourth Place (tie): Chris Christie. He scored with his attacks on Rubio in the debate.
Fourth Place (tie): Marco Rubio. He was scored on by Christie's attacks.
Fourth Place (tie): Jeb Bush. He scored againt Trump in the debate.
Fifth Place: Ben Carson. The evangelical votes just aren't there in NH. Also, he has been turning in very mediocre debate performances.

Sixth Place: Carly Fiorina. She just hasn't had any attention paid to her. Being excluded from the debate really hurt.

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