Monday, April 11, 2016

Gay rights groups in doublethink mode over new state laws

There's currently a national dust-up over two types of laws that are cramping the style of LGBT groups who want to impose their views on everybody else and bully religious people in the process. 

The first are religious freedom laws, that, say critics, will result in discrimination against gays  which is wrong because, as one commentator said today on NPR, they were "created that way."

The second are bills requiring people to use the bathroom facilities that correspond to their biological sex. We can't have these because it would discriminate against "transgendered" people, who have the right to decide what gender they are.

So one law is wrong because people are created with a certain gender. The other law is wrong because you can decide what gender you are despite how you are created.

We could call these mutually exclusive position examples of Orwellian doublethink, but that's probably considered unacceptable toofor undoubtedly conflicting reasons.

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