Friday, August 05, 2016

Transgenders: "Don't you dare disagree with us or we'll kill ourselves"

Jake over at Page One Kentucky thinks Jamie Comer's comment that "Some of the Congressmen…especially in the Obama Administration… are more concerned about transgender rights than the rights of working, middle-class people" is not only "transphobic," but is causing transgender people to kill themselves:

"As youth commit suicide all across Kentucky" he says, "The blame rests on their shoulders. The blood is on their hands. His hands."


Not only is it manifestly silly to invent imaginary disease titles to assign to your political detractors (e.g. "transphobic"), but it is kind of hard to deal with a group of people who (if Jake can be believed) basically take the position that they will kill themselves if you disagree with them.

Of course we're not allowed any more to say that people who are confused about whether they're male or female need professional help (and, in fact, those who do say that are now the ones the Authorities think need it). But surely people who hold a gun to their own heads and threaten to pull the trigger if you don't acquiesce to them politically are in sore need of someone's help.

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