Wednesday, October 05, 2016

It Was Nice While It Lasted: There goes Hamilton's popularity

Everyone knows how popular Alexander Hamilton has become of late as a result of the Tony award winning Broadway play, "Hamilton."

Now comes the news of "Hamilton"'s ten criteria for a wife, among which are "beauty," a "good body," "good breeding," and being "reasonably religious." Some of those things won't please the pop culture mavens now lauding him too terribly much.

And wait until they find out what he was in the market specifically for a female. If that doesn't completely destroy his reputation the places that are celebrating the musical, nothing will.


Billy Henderson said...

Hey Martin, Do you mind cleaning up the last paragraph so I understand what it is saying? A word is left out or a wrong word is used.
Thanks, I'm a little slow.

Kiara Hartman said...

Great ppost thank you