Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Democrats Fake Outrage on Immigrant Detention

So let me get this straight: The Democrats--who supported exactly the same immigration policies during the Obama administration and who have been pushing for open borders (a policy which even the U. S. House, which they run, has not passed) and telling the world of their intentions to provide free medical care to all immigrants and thereby issuing a global invitation for people to come here--are upset that conditions at border detention facilities are overcrowded.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting three things from this post. All of which are untrue:

1. The current immigrant crisis is driven by people looking free health care and college. (Requires a total ignorance of what is currently happening in South America for this to be remotely plausible.)

2. Democrats used to support "the exact same policies" as the Obama administration. But the Obama administration did not pursue a policy of family separations, put a blanket ban on immigration from heavily Muslim countries, or reduce refugee admission. The notion that the administrations have the same immigration policy is simply false. The signature move of the Obama administration on immigration was DACA -- which Trump dismantled.

3. Democrats support open borders. This one is also false. Most Democrats do not support open borders. That's not even a popular position in the far left of the party, where the most radical suggestion is to just decriminalize it. I'd be curious to see what the percentage of Democrats who support open borders is compared to Republicans who are openly racist. Bet they're not far off.

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