Monday, July 17, 2006

Fair Weather Conservatives

Okay, today we unveil the "Sunshine Aware." The Sunshine Award goes to Kentuckians who claim they are conservatives but, when push comes to shove, act as if their conservative principles don't matter. We'll call them "Fair Weather Conservatives."

We're starting out the list of Kentuckians who claim to be conservatives but really aren't with Bill Stone, a Louisville businessman and former Jefferson County Republican Chairman who voted Thursday, along with most of the other members of the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville, to give special taxpayer-funded benefits to homosexual and heterosexual live-in "partners".

"I also want to make it clear," Stone told the Louisville Courier-Journal, "this is not an endorsement of gay marriage or any of the other lightning issues. This is simply a recognition that people are people."

Now this comment could qualify Stone for a number of other awards, including the "Foot in the Mouth" award for statements that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. We'll unveil that award later. But for right now we'll just observe that conservatives who act in ways that undermine marriage should have their credentials checked.

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