Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mistake was Herald's, Not Jackson's

The mistake discussed in yesterday's post on Ted Jackson's Herald-Leader column defending Republican opposition to Flether turns out to have originated not with Jackson, but with the Herald, according to David Adams on a comment on the previous post. We are trying to confirm this with the Herald, but we thought, in consideration to Jackson, that we would say it prominently now.

The column asserted that Richard Nixon was president in 1976, when, in fact, Gerald Ford was president at that time. The column was printed in the Herald with the Nixon comment in it. It was also that way on the Herald's online edition until it was taken off in the middle of the day yesterday. According to one of the comments on the previous post, it was also run in the Courier-Journal without the Nixon reference.

There are plenty of problems with the arguments in Jackson's piece, but, apparently, the assertion that Nixon was president in 1976 is not one of them.

There will be a fuller critique of Jackson's piece posted here on Monday.

Tune in.

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