Friday, March 02, 2007

Charade, starring Tom Burch

In the midst of conducting a charade, Rep. Tom Burch accuses others of conducting a charade, the media dutifully ignores the former and reports the latter, ... and other things that really surprise us.

The Lexington Herald-Leader headline on the story about last night's committee hearing on domestic partner benefits bill reads, "Partner Benefits Bill Called a Charade." This was reference to Health & Welfare Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Burch's remark during his committee hearing last night on SB 152 that the bill has "pulled a charade on the people of Kentucky."

Now let's see if I've got this straight:
  • Rep. Burch gives the bill sponsor, State Sen. Vernie McGaha, only one hour's notice that his bill will be heard (House rules say a bill is to be posted three days before it is to be heard), giving him and the bill supporters no time to prepare for testimony
  • Burch hears the bill at 6:30 in the evening when the Capitol is largely vacant and most legislators (including some members of the committee who support the bill) have gone home
  • And yet, somehow, numerous opponents of the bill show up for the meeting, apparently having been made aware of the meeting before even the sponsor was made aware of it.
And yet it is bill supporters that Rep. Burch is accusing of conducting a charade.

Got it.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure how this can best be done, but somehow political pressure needs to be put on the Democratic "swing" moderates who control the balance of power in the KY House and serve as enablers for radicals like Burch and Stein. Bob Damron would be a good example of one of the moderate enablers.