Friday, March 09, 2007

Rep. Kathy Stein and Her Discontents

Rep. Kathy Stein needs a vacation. Just a few days at the beach or something--anything to get her away from the stress of having to fight the radical religious right at the state capitol. It is a job she shows up for every day, and to which she has devoted herself wholeheartedly. But the responsibilities of this increasingly burdensome task are obviously beginning to affect her judgment.

Maybe we could take up a collection.

Stein's increasingly intemperate remarks at committee meetings about those with whom she disagrees are a clear indication of stress-related complications from taking her responsibilities as defender of the Liberal Faith against the religious barbarians she sees battening on the doors of the State Capitol just a little too seriously. But whereas her remarks up until now have been merely strident, she has now descended into incoherence.

Here are her words at the House Health & Welfare Committee meeting last Tuesday during the debate over Senate Bill 152, which would prevent state agencies from recognizing "domestic partners" as a legal status similar to marriage (which is prohibited in the state's constitution):
I have a statement I am going to make in good faith, and it's going to be controversial, and it is going to be that, you know, I believe that in religion and in religious faith and in all the good things that come along with it, but I've gotten to the point in this General Assembly session that I resent The Family Foundation and what they are trying to do to make issues of fairness controversial issues. And I resent that we are listening to folks who, with a straight face, looked at America and said, don't let your children watch Tinky-Winky 'cause he is gay. I find it ... it's a sad day in Kentucky when we are dealing with issues like that when you have to keep your children from seeing Tinky-Winky, and that was made as a straight comment. Thank you.

Now I'm almost afraid to ask the question for fear I might cause another blood vessel to rupture (which would only make matters worse) but, ... how should I phrase this, ... What, exactly, are we talking about?

In regard to "fairness", the only reason it has become controversial is because people like Kathy Stein have redefined it to suite their left-wing political purposes. To Stein and other gay rights activists, "fairness" means forcing other people to agree with you about issues of human sexuality. To these people it is no longer a word, but a weapon--to used to beat those with whom you disagree.

And in regard to the rest of it, well, let's just say anyone who interrupts a serious public policy discussion during a meeting of public officials and launches off into a discussion about Tinky-Winky is in danger of being taken a little less than seriously.

I suggest Hilton Head. It survived Hurricane Hugo, so presumably it can handle Kathy Stein.

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