Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hawpe refuses to join the mob.

Dare I say it? Check out David Hawpe's piece in today's CJ on the Creation Museum. Obviously Hawpe has decided not join the mob now gathering kindling to burn heretic Ken Ham at the scientific stake. He doesn't agree with Ken Ham (nor do I), but he actually believes in tolerance and open mindedness. There really are a few true liberals left.


JPrichard said...

Poor little Xavier.

He not only missed what Ken Ham described as the greatest creation controversy media event since the Scopes trial - but the screams of all those drowning sinners in the Flood exhibit. Talk about a "family friendly" alternative to all that violence on television!

Hawpe is perfectly right in stating that Americans can visit or picket the museum as they choose. However, given the hard blows he struck against Intelligent Design in his columns, its obvious that Hawpe, like many scientists, including Richard Dawkins, regards Scientific Creationism as too ridiculous to be challenged.

But Ham is part of a social movement that threatens to poison the nation's educational system. When you consider that recent polls reveal that over 69% of Kentucky's high school biology teachers support the teaching of creationism in the classroom, the "Monkey Trial" doesn't seem so long ago after all.

Indeed it wasn't too long ago that the superintendent of Marshall County schools ordered that the pages of elementary school textbooks discussing evolutionary cosmology be glued together.

"Onward Christian Soldiers", indeed. Little wonder that Kentucky ranks near the bottom of the nation's educational system.

But don't worry little Xavier. Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis and the Family Foundation are watching over you. You'll know just when to say your prayers ...and close your mind to the modern world.

Martin Cothran said...

Maybe if you stopped sneering and instead presented your case in the form of rational arguments, more people (including science teachers) would be convinced of your position.

As it is, people get just a little suspicious when the proponents of a position act like their beliefs are above rational scrutiny and demand that alternative positions be prohibited.