Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shrieking common sense

In Richard Day's blog, Kentucky School News and Commentary, he has, today, an interesting post on the controversy surrounding Ken Ham's Creation Museum. At the end of the otherwise temperate and informative post is this strange comment: "The Family Foundation's Martin Cothran absolutely shrieks in an Op-Ed in the Courier-Journal."


What exactly is that supposed to mean? Shrieks what? That one of the obligations of science is to avoid being dismissive of alternative views on scientific questions just because they go against the prevailing winds of scientific opinion? That dogmatism is not a useful virtue in a discipline that prides itself on open-mindedness?

Surely Day is not trying to prove my point by being dismissive himself? Perish the thought.

Day's blog is normally the best site going on Kentucky school news. Maybe he just had a bad day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Martin.

Sorry to be so oblique with my comment, but I really wasn't taking on "the argument." I let your comments speak for themselves. I just took a quick swipe at your tone.

It surprised me.

Perhaps I'm more naturally drawn to other pieces of commentary I've seen from you that are lighter, and deflect with wit. This one struck me as strident. I jotted a quick note...and went on.

(In truth: I can get really worked up myself, at times, so I have no room to talk. Good commentary has "to sing" afterall.)

As for my personal views, I do not think the Creation Museum is science. Nor, do I think that science has it all figured out.

Science must be open-minded, at least initially. But after investigation, science rejects ideas all the time.

Regardless, if a guy wants to open a museum, it's OK with me.

Thanks for the nice words about Kentucky School News and Commentary.

Maybe a bad Day?!

: )

See? That's more like it.

Martin Cothran said...


I have been told that I have a natural tendency to be strident and that I shouldn't repress it. Besides, why should people like Lawrence Krauss have a monopoly on stridency?

Seriously though, I will take your words as sage advice.

You're a good man with a great blog.