Monday, July 09, 2007

New issue of "Classical Teacher" now online

The summer issue of "The Classical Teacher," of which I am managing editor, is now online. Articles include:

The Conservative Purpose of a Liberal Education by Russell Kirk
Liberal education is conservative in this way: it defends order against disorder ... Liberal learning enables those who benefit from its discipline to achieve some degree of harmony within themselves.

The Classical Education of the Founding Fathers by Martin Cothran
The Founding Fathers possessed two characteristics that distinguished them from other men of their time—and most men in any time: wisdom and virtue.

Letter from the Editor - Spring 2007 Martin Cothran

Why Study Latin and Greek by Andrew Campbell
The practical, cultural, and formative reasons to study classical languages.

Getting Beyond the Lord of the Rings by Martin Cothran
How to parlay an obsession with the Lord of the Rings into an interest in English literature.

A Short Lesson in Memorization - Disappearing Line Technique by Leigh Lowe

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