Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Politicians being political: Oh my!

Democrats are accusing the Fletcher administration of being political. And they are shocked, so shocked. Why, this is unprecedented. It's unheard of for a governor to be political. And during an election season too! Isn't there some law barring politicians from being political during an election season?

In fact, one wonders why, if the Democrats are so shocked by politicians being political in an election season, they are not shocked at themselves for publicly expressing shock about a Republican governor being political, since such an action is itself political.

Maybe legislators could take up this issue--the issue of politicians being political--during the special session, which the Democrats insist is being convened by the Governor for political reasons. But wait: that would be political too, wouldn't it? And the Republicans could point that out--that taking up the issue of politicians being political is political. But that action too would be political, and then...

Oh, nevermind.

It just goes to show: it's a dangerous thing to apply logic to politics.

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