Friday, February 29, 2008

Obssessed with Obsession

Ed Brayton has posted his umpteenth post about gay issues, this one about someone he charges with being obsessed with gay sex. I am presuming the reason he thinks some people are obsessed with gay sex is that they talk so much about it, which, of course, makes you wonder why Ed himself talks so much about it. Is this justification for saying that Ed is obsessed with it himself?

Of course, many of Ed's comments on gay issues are about how people are obsessed with them. Maybe he isn't obsessed with gay sex per se. Maybe he is just obsessed with people who are obsessed with gay sex.

In any case, I'm wondering which glass company built Ed's house.


Anonymous said...

Any comments on the content of the column though? Surely the Governor of Texas couldn't have made such remarks or somehow they have been taken out of context?


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Wouldn't you agree that Perry comments indicate he is sex-obsessed?

Martin Cothran said...

How could you possibly conclude from the conversation that the guy is obsessed with sex? If a mother said she was concerned that the new girl scout leader was a man and that he would be taking her camping and possibly be sleeping in the same tent, would you say she was "obsessed with sex"?