Thursday, February 28, 2008

Op Ed Piece in Latin

Didn't catch this earlier. An op ed piece in the New York Times--in Latin. Thanks to Drew Campbell for pointing it out on his blog.


Anonymous said...

How does this compare to current math education? At one time it was considered important to be familiar with the values of trigonometric functions, to intimately understand arithmetic, etc. Nowadays, most of these chores are done on calculators. There is a semi-retired gentleman here who knows all this; he can essentially do three-dimensional Fourier transforms in his head. Nonetheless, I can with computers do in one afternoon what would have taken him months in the old days. Who is the more accomplished?

Why does Mr Cothran insist on stopping education with what was known in the 1500's? Why are science and other "modern" subjects anathema to him? Why do students who take AP subjects do better on the SAT than those who take Latin?

j a higginbotham

Hannah said...

You'll get kids who can't survive without their calculators, for one thing.
opinion/2003674945_sundaymath22.html (take out the space) - catch my meaning?