Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eliot Spitzer's State recognizes same sex marriages

Eliot Spitzer's State (I think I may begin referring to New York this way consistently from now on) now recognizes same-sex "marriages" that have been performed in states and countries where they are legal thanks to an executive order from Eliot Spitzer's Successor (otherwise known as "David Paterson").

Eliot Spitzer, of course, wanted to legalize same-sex marriage altogether in New York, a plan that was foiled by Eliot Spitzer's State Senate. Eliot Spitzer's Successor's spokeswoman, Erin Duggan, explained that the new policy was the result of a court ruling from a lower court in Eliot Spitzer's State finding that the state (you know which one) had to recognize such "marriages" performed in other states--a decision which undoubtedly claimed it was just interpreting the law rather than devising new policy (Ever notice how courts say that every time they devise new policy?).

According to, about a dozen other states (in addition to Eliot Spitzer's State) give same sex couples some rights.

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