Saturday, November 01, 2008

The chief reason I won't be voting for Obama

The primary reason I won't be voting for Obama this Tuesday:


Anonymous said...

So, Martin, you clearly think that the life of a pregnant woman is worth less than the life of an unborn child (Obama disagrees with you, hence his stance). Your candor is refreshing. I think we should shout it from the roof tops that McCain/Palin also think a woman's life is worth less than that of an unborn child. Maybe a bit of speedy linkage so that the voting public knows exactly where McCain/Palin stand ... ?

Which brings to mind a question. Suppose I'm of a like mind with McCain/Palin. At what point in a budding relationship (when in the courtin' process, if you would) do I inform the object of my infatuation that, in that most unfortunate of circumstance when continuation of a pregnancy will be fatal for her, she must die, no questions asked. First date? When we first become Biblically acquainted? When I ask for her hand in marriage?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

A number of anti-abortion ballot measures were soundly rejected last night. I have to wonder when "pro-life" advocates (actually, a sinister and cynical play on words, as my preceding comment shows) will place their hypocrisy in the trash can and begin to work with the majority of Americans who would be OK with rational measures (not abortion) that would reduce or eliminate unwanted pregnancies.