Friday, July 31, 2009

Busing the planet into oblivion

The Jefferson County School District is continuing its efforts to get around the U. S. Supreme Court decision striking down their forced busing plan. And three parents are suing the district to, like, make them do the right thing.

Here's Richard Innes at the Bluegrass Policy Blog:
One of the three parents suing the district was told his child would be forced to travel about 20 miles away to the Shelby Elementary school instead of the local area school.

Now, that is really curious.

According to the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, Adequate Yearly Progress, 2008 School and District Results, August 5, 2008 Release” Shelby Elementary School is in Tier 3 status under No Child Left Behind. That means as of the summer of 2008 this school had failed to make adequate yearly progress for four years in a row.

Quite important to the current discussion, parents of students already in that school had to be offered the right to transfer their students out to better performing schools.

Now, along comes the school district, and without blinking an eye, it requires the five-year old in question – to be bused IN to this school from all the way across town – and the parent can’t say NO!
So now we're force busing kids all the way across town to demonstrably bad schools. This is what social engineering has come to: pursuing Diversity even if it's not good for people.

There may be only one way to stop Jefferson County school officials from their forced busing madness: find some other dogma at least as important as Diversity. And I've got just the thing: What is the carbon footprint from all this busing to bad schools?

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