Friday, July 03, 2009

John Forgy sleeps with the fishes

Well, if you thought the strong arm tactics used by the horse tracks during the special session last month to try to get their bill through the House were questionable, you ought to get a load of their newest techniques to intimidate those who refused to vote for the legislation which would have allowed the tracks to operate slot machines while getting about a 50 percent cut.

John Forgy, nephew of State Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr (R-Lexington), was fired on Wednesday by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission because of his aunt's vote in committee against the slots bill, which would have paid the tracks protection money. Oh, and it didn't help that his father, Larry Forgy, has been an ardent opponent of expanded gambling in the state.

But things could have been worse. He could have woken up to find a horse's head under his sheets. Let's face it, the tracks have a few to spare.

No one got a good look at the plates as the car sped away, but word on the street is that the contract on Forgy was issued by Governor's office after he was threatened because of his inauspicious family connections.

Francene, are you there? Francene?


Anonymous said...

In fairness, he also got the job because of his name. It was a non-merit position. Too bad Fletcher didn't treat other Republicans as well as he did the Forgys.

Anonymous said...

Godfather quotes and references are such a neat way to imply your opponents are tied to organized crime without being obliged to provide any evidence.

Martin Cothran said...

As opposed to calling your opponents "Third world dictators" outright?

Art said...

I think John Forgy took a boat ride ...

Ya gotta update yer mobster lexicon, Martin.