Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another pro-slots assertion bites the dust: Turfway not closing

Turfway Park is requesting a reduced number of racing dates in 2010.

Wait a minute. Why is Turfway Park requesting any dates at all? We were told during the last state legislative session that Turfway Park was closing because only way--the sole, exclusive, single, only way--it could survive was if the General Assembly passed legislation allowing slots at horse tracks. Otherwise Turfway and Ellis Park would close.

We were assured of this.

But, guess what? They're still alive and kicking. They may euthanize their horses when they break a leg, but still haven't euthenized themselves.

Just one of the many untruths they told the public last year. I'm sure there are more coming.


Pony Girl said...

A June article in The Blood-Horse, includes this note about Turfway in 2010: "Elliston has said Turfway’s future is up in the air after 2010 in the absence of revenue from alternative gaming." ( Note the use of the word "after" when referring to 2010. The track is requesting reduced dates for 2010, which in no way contradicts the earlier statement that it may close AFTER 2010.

Martin Cothran said...

Pony Girl,

I'll have to go back and look to see what Bob said when I was on KET with him, but his lobbyists were telling legislators they would definitely close. After the bill was voted down in the Senate committee, one of them approached me in the hall, and said "If this remains dead, Turfway will close on September 7th. No joke."