Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is James Ramsey's U of L a failure factory?

The University of Louisville graduates less than half it students who enter the university as freshmen. Oops. Wait a minute. I suppose I should say "freshpersons" when it comes to U of L, so politically correct is the atmosphere there.

Only 44 percent of its entering freshpersons graduate from the university. Just one more reason President James Ramsey and provost Shirley Willinganz need to be given their walking papers.

Here is the New York Times on the problem with schools like U of L:

At its top levels, the American system of higher education may be the best in the world. Yet in terms of its core mission — turning teenagers into educated college graduates — much of the system is simply failing.

Only 33 percent of the freshmen who enter the University of Massachusetts, Boston, graduate within six years. Less than 41 percent graduate from the University of Montana, and 44 percent from the University of New Mexico. The economist Mark Schneider refers to colleges with such dropout rates as “failure factories,” and they are the norm.
Go Cards.

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