Saturday, March 13, 2010

Did Constantine start the Christian religion?

Yellow Dog, a self-described "progressive" over at Blue in the Bluegrass, after bemoaning that Kentucky is the home of Ken Ham's Creation Museum, notes that it was also the home of atheist Charles Chilton Moore. He is so kind as to include a short excerpt of Moore's eloquence:
Fifteen hundred years ago, Constantine, who murdered his own wife and children, started the Christian religion.
Funny, I could have swore Christ started the Christian religion. Here he goes to the trouble of a trial and whipping and crucifixion and Resurrection and then some other dude gets the credit.

It's a cruel world.

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Wayne Fielder said...

LOL! That is so illustrative of the blindness the enemy can slap on people. Poor guy, can't see the world for what it is due to those pesky scales on his eyes.