Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gallup: Americans worried about Obamacare

According to a new Gallup Poll, Americans aren't buying into the hype on Obamacare:
One week after the passage of historic new healthcare legislation, Americans remain worried about the bill's effect on costs -- both for the nation as a whole and for them personally. A majority of Americans say healthcare costs in the U.S. and the federal budget deficit will get worse as a result of the bill. Half of Americans believe that healthcare costs for themselves and their families will get worse.
I'm quite frankly surprised it is still doing this poorly in the polls. I expected all the victory celebrations to make Americans feel good about the health care medicine they've just been prescribed. This should put a little more steel into the backbone of the national Republicans--with the emphasis on "should."

HT: WorldwideStandard.com

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Lee said...

Republicans are worthless. Democrats are dangerous. It's a match made, well, not in heaven.