Friday, December 17, 2010

Europe to Ireland: Prevening the killing of babies violates human rights

Time magazine reports that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that a woman's rights were violated because of the Ireland's anti-abortion laws. The woman had had cancer and then became pregnant. She feared that the pregnancy would bring her cancer back, but when she couldn't find any doctors to tell her she was right, she sued in the European Court.

I mean, what do doctors know about things like health, anyway?

The European Union's legal authorities don't like the fact that Ireland's abortion laws protect unborn children "except in cases of cervical cancer, pre-eclampsia and ectopic pregnancy"--in other words, in cases in which the mother's life really is in danger and not, as in the U. S., where the procedure basically serves as birth control.

Laws against killing babies violate human rights? Maybe these people didn't learn anything after all from the last big war about the value of human life.

There are silly evangelical interpretations of the Bible that point to the European Union as the Beast of Revelation. I may have to reassess them now.

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