Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Why did BBC take down "Coldest December day on record" headline

Now you see it, now you don't.

It's still available on a screen capture, but the BBC's story on the "Coldest December day on record" suddenly got turned into "Record cold continues." Strange how that works.

If we said the former, of course, it would not adequately communicate the Global Warming idea that The End Is Near. The knowledge that The Sky Is Falling might not be entirely clear.

Personally, I am comforted to know that there are attentive monitors on hand to make sure that we do not deviate from the party line on these things.

HT: Anthony Watts


Art said...

Persistently cold winters in Europe should be very alarming to informed persons. For such a pattern would be an excellent indicator that there has been a significant global warming trend. As compelling, in some ways, as the other long-term indicators that speak very loudly and clearly. Anyone who has paid any attention to this for, say, 20 years would know this.

Martin, you're as good as science as you are at math (not very). You should stick to



I'll come up with something.

Martin Cothran said...


Yes. Colder weather caused by Global Warming. Makes perfect sense. I'm getting the hang of this now.

ozziejoe said...

No big mystery. The BBC were informed that the headline was wrong and the BBC changed the headline.

Return to the article for a full explanation.

Art said...

Martin, didn't anyone ever explain to you why Paris, that sits farther north than Quebec City, is warmer in the winter than Washington DC?

Or what would happen to the underlying mechanism in the event of sustained global warming?

Should we add geography to the list of subjects that you seem to have skipped in school?

Singring said...

Martin, you might be interested to learn that according to both the UK and US meterreological services 2010 will be among the warmest 3 or possibly even the warmest year since records began.

Of course, your fretting over conspiratory newspapers changing headlines (due to an error, as it turns out) is of much greater service to the children of this world than actually commenting on - you know - the fact that 2010 is going to be one of the warmest years ever, fully in line with climate change predictions.

But who cares about the future of human civilization, right?

As long as you little 'liberal science conspiracy' can be propagated. As long as you can spew infantile nonsense as if single temperture minima and maxima are representative of global climate.

Again - no wonder the US is lagging in education if the likes of you are influencing its education policies.

Singring said...


is the most likely explanaton for the cold winters in Ireland and the UK this winter.

But hey - who gives a toss about data, science, facts?

Its much easier just to ignore those and point fingers shouting 'look - its cold in the UK - Global Warming must be a vast conspiracy!'

But it does make you look bad to those who actually care about data, science and facts. And those who actually care about attempting to deal with this massive problem.

Joe_Agnost said...

Singring wrote: "...according to both the UK and US meterreological services 2010 will be among the warmest 3 or possibly even the warmest year since records began."

Yeah... well it snowed in Buffalo this weekend - that ~proves~ global warming is a lie!

Oh - and London had a really cold ~day~ recently... that's enough to disprove global warming right there!

WTF eh??

Joe_Agnost said...

My previous comment was meant to be sarcastic btw...

One Brow said...


Are you forgetting to wear your coat in a freezer again?

Joe_Agnost said...

Great cartoon about climate change here: