Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Joe Biden defending Darth Vader on the TV

Vice President Joe Biden recently defended embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak on PBS's Jim Lehrer News Hour, setting off the red light in President Obama's office they have installed to alert them of the frequent occasions in which Biden blurts out something embarrassing so they can call the special crack White House "Biden Damage Control" team so it can put out the political fire before it spreads and immolates the entire administration thereby reminding everyone that maybe Sarah Palin would not have been so bad after all.

In any case, Chase Madar at the London Review of Books reports on Biden's additional meditations on other important figures:
Look, I know Darth fairly well, and Jim, I just want to mention that Darth has overcome asthma, some serious, serious asthma, and it’s just a really inspiring story, he’s written a children’s book about it, I gave a signed copy to my granddaughter for Christmas. Anyway our position is that before Darth blows up the planet Alderaan with his so-called Death Star, which is really just a large weather satellite with a few dual-use components, Darth should, you know, take some of that planet’s concerns into account. He should take their concerns seriously, and it should be a peaceful process. They have a right to protest against their planet getting blown up. But Jim, it’s a two-way street, and Alderaan shouldn’t be vandalising the Death Star’s weapon systems, which, of course, not that they exist. There’s been a concern that some of the more radical elements, you know, the Wookie Street, might try to do this. So no, we don’t think Darth Vader should resign. But if he does – if he does – we can find the recent appointment of Darth Maul as his acolyte Dark Lord of the Sith to be really, really encouraging from a human rights perspective. Just remember, the Empire is a fragile beacon of democracy in a turbulent universe.
Biden's other adulatory remarks on Cruella DeVille, Ozymandias, and Joseph Conrad's Colonel Kurtz are also discussed.

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