Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why I follow Jake on Twitter

No sooner had I clicked to follow Jake Payne on Twitter than he posted the fact on his site. So I feel the need to explain how this all came about.

Not knowing much about all this social networking stuff, I discovered this thing called "Twitter." Naturally, not knowing more than I do about such things, I assumed it had something to do with twits, which sounded kind of interesting.

So I checked it out, and there Jake was.

Being a big fan of Jake, I of course don't know why he would be listed in such a place, but there you have it.

Can't beat this Internet thing.


Anonymous said...

You two make a lovely couple.

Lisa Graas said...

I used to follow Jake, but he didn't follow me back so I unfollowed him. That's just how I roll. Who would post on their blog that some individual followed them? Weird. I understand your writing a response, though.

I noticed you're following me so I"m going to follow back. I will also follow Jake if he follows me. What's the big deal?

Also, Jim Higdon disagreed with me about something and told me he was unfollowing me on Twitter because of it. Like I'm supposed to be upset? Grow up, progressives.