Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being kicked out of a public pool for wearing too much: the next big thing from Europe?

In the comments section of the previous post about the City Manager in Hazard, Kentucky who, in the name of "federal and state law," unilaterally placed "sexual orientation" language in a policy governing admittance to the city pool despite the fact that a) federal and state law doesn't include this language or require anyone to implement it in their own communities; b) it would have had no effect on what actually happened in the case in which two men who were making out in the pool and ejected because of it; and c) local officials have no business unilaterally making such policies in without the involvement of some locally elected government entity, our own Singring gave his customary opinion on the subject.

He commented:
Martin, a word of friendly advice: Never visit Europe, especially Southern Europe in the summertime. Your head might explode from all the fornicating in the street.
I received his advice with an open mind, and responded that I appreciated his reminder concerning the laxity of European moral standards, and that I would take this into account in making my vacation plans. But I was also reminded of the recent incident in Port Leucate in Southern France in which two women were ejected from a resort pool for wearing "burkinis," swimsuits worn by Muslim women that cover their body and their face.

In other words, while in Eastern Kentucky they eject people from pools for making out in front of the rest of the swimmers, in Singring's Europe they eject them for not showing enough skin.

But we better be careful of giving any ideas to the Kentucky "Equality" Federation.

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