Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Casino bill an "abuse of the State Constitution, says anti-slots group

For Immediate Release
February 14, 2012

LEXINGTON, KY—The Family Foundation today called the Governor's casino bill an "abuse of the State Constitution" and said it was "not the bill Kentuckians were promised." The comments came in response to today's filing of the Governor's casino gambling bill.

"This bill is an attempt by wealthy horse track owners and casino interests to buy their way into the Constitution like box seats at a ball game," said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.

Cothran called the attempt to write a wealthy industry into the Constitution "unprecedented." "This state has never amended its Constitution to favor one industry like this. This bill writes political favors for the Governor's campaign contributors into the very words of the Constitution. The Constitution shouldn't be used by politicians to reward their wealthy friends."

Cothran also pointed out that the people of Kentucky were promised that the money lost by gamblers at slot machines would go to education, health care, public safety, and local government. "But this bill doesn't include any of that. There are favors for fat cats, but no specific provisions for public programs. It just shows what money, power, and influence can accomplish."

His group thinks the bill has little chance of passage in the State Senate, where Cothran said the bill has been steadily losing support over the last four weeks.



Anonymous said...

"If Kentuckians overwhelmingly support this bill and if he really has 23 votes in the State Senate to the extent he claims," asked Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group, "then why does he have to wait until after the filing deadline to introduce it? He obviously lacks confidence in his own legislation."

"The Governor needs to stop playing politics with this issue and introduce his legislation," said Cothran. "How can you blame other people for the failure of your own legislation, as this Governor has done, when you don't even have the courage to file your bill?"

Cothran said last week that the Governor was bluffing. "This is just further proof that the Governor and his wealthy casino supporters don't have the support they claim."

Singring said...

1.) What's with all the greed baiting, Martin? When did being rich suddenly become such a bad thing? I thought it was the ultimate stamp of approval in the free market you so cherish? Why use the wealth of a casino owners as a pejorative then?

Oh - and aren't you supporting a candidate who's PACs are receiving vast amnounts of money from a casino billionaire? A little consistency might lend your protestations a sheen of credibility.

2.) Maybe you don't realize, but the more press releases you put out on this gambling bill, the more panicked it makes the Family Foundation sound.

Based solely on your litany of press releases, I would right now bet good money that that bill is going to pass with flying colours.

Floyd Baker said...
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Unknown said...
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